Hi all! We're under construction at the moment, but this is the future home of our setting. It will primarily be system agnostic, but may eventually have areas for OGL-licensed (or other compatible license) system-specific content.


The wiki itself is intended to always have the content licensed under the CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivatives 4.0 International license, meaning anyone can use content from the wiki for their home games. We also anticipate releasing content under a license that allows commercial use, with some sort of royalty or payment required for persons wanting to create content for commercial use. We may also sell content of the setting in the future, mainly to those persons who want to support the setting, as well as have a high-quality physical product or a tightly integrated product with virtual-table-top software like Foundry or Roll20.

Because of the potential future commercial use, our license terms granted to us by you on your edits are onerous to enable us to create a second commercial license in the future. The idea here; however, is not a money grab on our behalf. Rather, is to use revenue from the commercial sales and any other revenue streams to commission artists and cartographers to bring the setting to life as other system publishers do with their books. The goal would still be to release such commissioned art and maps under the CC-BY-NC-ND license so that everyone would benefit from it.

So here's the deal: if we did a “share alike” license, we would be subject to not having control over such derivative works. We fully support you taking the content and using it to your heart's desire in your home games; but, we don't want those derivative works out in the wild. By using the “no derivative” license, it means that your sole place to upload that content if you're wanting to distribute it would be here, so there is one single authoritative source of the content.

Using the “no derivative” license will also likely make it easier when it comes time to spend funds on commissioned art and cartography.

Next Steps

Check in with us in the future for our next steps on world building. Rough steps coming in the future are:

  1. Setting up templates for content types
    1. Worlds
    2. Nations
    3. Pantheon
    4. Deity
    5. Settlements
    6. NPCs
    7. Factions
  2. Naming the Universe
  3. Deciding on Planes / Cosmos Structure
  4. Name the main World that fits a DND/PF feel
  5. Name a region of the Cosmos for a space/science fiction feel
  6. Start filling things in top down
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